We believe God is on a mission
to make Himself known.

And He is using the most controversial, unlikely and provocative topics—homosexuality and gender identity—to do it.

In our stories we want you to see Jesus’ desire to be with us, even on our worst days, and the beautiful impact of responding to Him.

All of us at CHANGED have experienced Jesus Christ’s unfailing love: His kindness, mercy and tenderness as He draws us into His life. And we are not the same because of it. Our generation is asking, “Is God alive? Can He be known? What is Christian life?” As you read, hear the good news—God is alive and He is excellent in all He does!

Each person in CHANGED has experienced the compassion as well as the power of God in their journey. These stories disclose a God who is ready to meet us under any circumstance to lead us into His vision for our wholeness and well-being. We all treasure what He has done in our lives. CHANGED uses the public arena, including civic engagement, to declare that God is alive and on the move among people who experience same sex attraction and gender confusion.

God cherishes us all. Each time we publicly share our testimonies we are declaring our love and thankfulness for Jesus our savior. 

With homosexuality in their past, Ken Williams and Elizabeth Woning address sexual identity with empathy and compassion, and seek to create pathways to God for others. Knowing their life experiences are unusual and even counter-cultural, Ken and Elizabeth actively gather the stories of others who have left homosexuality. Together they formed CHANGED, which is a growing movement of men and women who are outspoken and open about their experiences of life after LGBTQ.

Ken and Elizabeth are also the founders of EquippedToLove.com.


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