Elizabeth Woning
Co-founder CHANGED & Equipped to Love
Bethel Church, Redding, Calif.

Thank you for your prayers!

We are so humbled and in awe of the Lord and all that He is doing in and through Equipped to Love and now the newly formed Changed movement. We have experienced such favor and acceleration in the role that we have impacting culture in and outside of the church surrounding the topic of homosexuality. We are wanting to gather and partner with the Lord in all that He is doing and we know that all begins and is centered around prayer. We also know how foolish it would be to move forward without gathering and partnering with those who are before His throne, getting His heart, and are faithful in the place of prayer.

-Ken Williams and Elizabeth Woning
Co-founders, Equipped to Love and Changed
Bethel Church, Redding, Calif.

"In 1989 I had a trance regarding the homosexuals getting saved and healed. We began praying for those with AIDS and quite a few of them got healed. Tokens of people being healed of AIDS. Those who were set free dedicated their lives to the Lord. The Spirit said those who are set free will be 100% for Christ. In the trance the Lord said 'I'm going to set these people free from homosexuality...' They will pray all night and sleep all day. They will be totally dedicated. Saw 100,000 coming into the kingdom. That word's been hanging out there. It's been waiting for someone to reach up and believe and pull it down. I am sure that I heard that from the Lord clearly. It hasn't happened yet. There's no telling how many that 100,000 will impact. They will have the ability to reverse the homosexual sin."

Bob Jones, July, 2010

Prayer Points

  1. We are currently marketing the 2nd edition of the CHANGED book that now contains over 50 stories of people who have left the lifestyle of homosexuality to pursue wholeness in Christ.  We would love prayer covering for the doors it will open to influence and educate legislators as they make decisions that affect our religious freedoms and also the impact it will have in many spheres as we get the good news out that change is possible. Here’s a brief video about CHANGED. This second edition is expanded with more stories and is being sold to finance the CHANGED movement. Every contributor needs special covering. Ungodly spirits would seek to discredit or destroy the individuals and their families who carry these testimonies. The stories are also published online on this website.

  2. We are gearing up to launch an initiative that will influence and impact coming legislation and Christian college campuses in California. We so need His wisdom and favor in these things as we desire to only express the character and nature of Christ as we walk through these doors.  

  3. Thank you for your prayers over the LA Freedom March, CHANGED Pastors’ Event, and Rainbow Crossover event in Taipei! These were amazing successes. Please continue to pray that the seeds planted here take root.

  4. As the Boy Erased film is released and “conversion therapy” is further discussed in media, please join us in praying that the hope of the gospel will prevail for LGBTQ people who seek wholeness. Churches need to open their doors to gay people who are seeking God’s love. We are praying that revelation of Jesus comes to the LGBTQ community and that wholeness, which includes freedom from same sex desires or gender confusion, becomes a regular pursuit for people with this experience.

  5. A CHANGED Initiative in Australia and New Zealand has begun and new testimonies from that region are being collected. Please cover them in prayer as their endeavor lifts off, that they would have favor and finance to republish CHANGED there and that it would gain influence.

We are so undone by His kindness and protection over us by giving us warriors like yourselves to stand with us and bring His kingdom to the earth. We would love to hear from you about what the Lord is saying to you about what He is doing surrounding this topic and humbly invite you into this with us. We will be in touch with you about the details of trying to gather a monthly prayer call.

Amy Ligon & Cecil Jackman
Intercession for Changed and Equipped to Love