Elizabeth Woning
Co-founder CHANGED & Equipped to Love
Bethel Church, Redding, Calif.

Thank you for your prayers!

We are so humbled and in awe of the Lord and all that He is doing in and through Equipped to Love and now the newly formed Changed movement. We have experienced such favor and acceleration in the role that we have impacting culture in and outside of the church surrounding the topic of homosexuality. We are wanting to gather and partner with the Lord in all that He is doing and we know that all begins and is centered around prayer. We also know how foolish it would be to move forward without gathering and partnering with those who are before His throne, getting His heart, and are faithful in the place of prayer.

-Ken Williams and Elizabeth Woning
Co-founders, Equipped to Love and Changed
Bethel Church, Redding, Calif.

"In 1989 I had a trance regarding the homosexuals getting saved and healed. We began praying for those with AIDS and quite a few of them got healed. Tokens of people being healed of AIDS. Those who were set free dedicated their lives to the Lord. The Spirit said those who are set free will be 100% for Christ. In the trance the Lord said 'I'm going to set these people free from homosexuality...' They will pray all night and sleep all day. They will be totally dedicated. Saw 100,000 coming into the kingdom. That word's been hanging out there. It's been waiting for someone to reach up and believe and pull it down. I am sure that I heard that from the Lord clearly. It hasn't happened yet. There's no telling how many that 100,000 will impact. They will have the ability to reverse the homosexual sin."

Bob Jones, July, 2010

Prayer Points

  1. The Lord continues to open doors to engage in the political arena so we are needing you to cover us in prayer. Next week April 24-26 Ken and I (Amy) will be traveling to Washington DC to support Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) and others in their fight against the Equality Act. Ken will be talking with different staff members and legislators sharing his story and trying to give them the information they will need to make an argument against this law, for many reasons, the overwhelming concern being there could be a ban put on counseling individuals who struggle with same sex attraction and gender dysphoria on a federal level. Nancy Pelosi wants to and plans to get this law passed by June, so this is a huge opportunity for God to use us to make this law politically toxic and God to intervene. Ultimately we want revival to break out in the LGBTQ community so that laws like these are a mute point. Please join us in prayer and cover Ken and I as we travel. I am going as Ken’s intercessor so that he is getting a real focused prayer covering. Pray for favor, divine health, and also pray for any divine appointments while we are in DC. We are also trying to mobilize a small team of Changed members that are ready to travel to testify in different states as needed, so pray that the Lord provides and the Lord keeps everything uncovered so that we will have time to get to these states and share the side they are not hearing.

  2. We’ve also had a slight delay in the filming of the e-course, so please cover this in prayer. Pray that we would be able to finish the filming and market it correctly to get these tools into the hands of everyone in need, church leaders especially. Also pray for Elizabeth to have time and space to create content around this topic that would counter the craziness in pop culture.

  3. We are having an increased number of invites to come equip churches. Please pray that we would have wisdom, provision, time, and favor as God is preparing the church for the revival that will come out of the LGBTQ community.

  4. Please continue to lift up each member of our Changed Family ( Here’s a brief video about CHANGED. ) That the number of these testimonies will continue to increase so that the voice of this people group is heard and their stories known.We really believe this is one of the strategies of the Lord to influence culture and government. Please continue to pray for wisdom and strategy in this and protection for those involved in this ministry and carry this testimony. Ungodly spirits would seek to discredit or destroy the individuals and their families who carry these testimonies. The stories are also published online on this website. We feel an urgency in our hearts to continue to gather intercessors and mobilize prayer surrounding these individuals and this topic.

  5. We are still marketing the 2nd edition of the CHANGED book that now contains over 50 stories of people who have left the lifestyle of homosexuality to pursue wholeness in Christ. This second edition is being sold to finance the CHANGED movement. We not only need to recover the cost of producing this book but we are hoping the Lord will provide for the doors He is opening and the work force to appropriately and effectively do the work He is asking us to do. We’ve began talking to a fundraising professional and he is helping us with our campaign, we are so grateful for the Lord’s provision and continued kindness towards us.

  6. We are praying and asking God of course for the Changed Movement to be an International movement. This will be the Lord, and we need Him to give us continued favor, connection, and wisdom in these things. Australia and New Zealand, as well as a few other countries have begun gathering new testimonies and asking that the Changed book be translated into their language. Please cover these countries and their governments in prayer as the Lord establishes truth, and that they would have favor and finance to republish CHANGED there and that it would gain influence.

Again I want to thank you so much for standing with us and praying for God to increase and establish His Kingdom in the earth and the LGBTQ community. I am really so encouraged and honored to know that you are praying!! Please let me know if you are hearing anything specific from the Lord in your times of prayer. We’ve also started to open one of our prayer calls to all intercessors, once a month. If you would like to join us, please contact me! My email address is amy@equippedtolove.com.

Amy Ligon & Cecil Jackman
Intercession for Changed and Equipped to Love