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“CHANGED: #OnceGay Stories”


Can a person leave homosexuality?

“CHANGED” began as an effort to highlight the uncommon journeys of men and women who have confronted that question in their own lives. Finding themselves sexually attracted to the same sex, or uncertain of their gender, the men and women featured in this book took unusual paths of self-discovery that led to transformation.

Today, many face this daunting question alone. Sometimes answers seem beyond reach—you are not alone.

We are a growing community of men and women who have explored the depths of our identities and found freedom. We have confronted the pain, rejection, and despair that often accompany the homosexual experience; and so our approach is sensitive. Compassionate. Genuine.

This is an invitation to go deeper, to find meaning in the journey. And to embrace process. We have looked beyond the cultural labels and expectations and found lasting fulfillment.

Inside this book are vulnerable, authentic and sometimes raw accounts of the hope and prosperity all of our journeys offered as we questioned our sexuality and gender identity.

We are changed.