We believe community should be a safe place where you are unconditionally loved, accepted, and helped. Our desire is to create a group where people can share authentically and truthfully. This is a place for those who have a oncegay story and for those who have a loved one or are leading those struggling to find help and resources. If this is you, come join us on our Facebook community group. 

To keep things safe, we do have some community guidelines we ask you to adhere to while in the group. 



We believe that God is in a good mood and that the light is getting brighter, not dimmer. We expect posts to reflect that kind of positive thinking.


Ask yourself if your post will be a PRODUCTIVE way to further the CHANGED MVMT Community's core values: ENCOURAGEMENT, RESOURCES, AND COMMUNITY BUILDING.


We believe in the power of the testimony! We want to hear from your personal perspective regarding what God is saying to you or what He's done in your life. We want to celebrate your personal experience while avoiding the feeling of being preached at.


Please realize that this subject is deeply personal and we expect everyone in our community to respect the privacy of all individuals within this group. Do not share, copy, or repost anything from the group, unless it's been approved by the person who posted it.